100 hours of free GDPR consultancy!

We have an amazing offer for YOU! Tudor Galos Consulting is offering a free-of-charge* two-hour workshop for you and your company about GDPR. In these two hours we will present you the basic things about GDPR and how it will affect your internal processes, including marketing, operations and HR, with specific examples. Since this offer is limited to one hundred hours only the first 50 companies to apply for the offer will get the free workshop.

In this workshop we will cover the following topics

  • What is GDPR, what is the background for this new regulation
  • How GDPR can become an opportunity for you rather than a cost – business case examples
  • How GDPR affects marketing practices
  • How GDPR affects operation & HR
  • How you can become compliant to GDPR in four phases
  • What is a Gap Analysis, what are the phases in the project
  • How long it might take for you and your company to become compliant to GDPR?
  • How much should you budget for a GDPR compliance project

* the workshop is free, but customers from outside Bucharest, Romania, need to pay only for travel & expense.