The course follows the official curricula requested by Romanian National Accreditation Center (ANC) for the Data Protection Officer Role. This course approaches the DPO skills through Problem-Based Learning (PBL) methodology allowing students to interact, help each-other, work in teams and solve complex personal data protection issues taken from real-life examples.

The course has 8 modules:

  1. Introduction to Personal Data Protection.
  2. Organizations’ rights and obligations regarding Personal Data Protection.
  3. Data subjects’ rights and obligations regarding Personal Data Protection.
  4. Conformity monitoring systems and tools.
  5. DPO Role – Job Description and Responsibilities.
  6. Working with Data Protection Authorities.
  7. DPO Role in real life.
  8. Risk management and Information Security.


Following the course there will be an exam (in Romanian). If the student passes the exam he or she receives an accreditation from ANC for the Data Protection Officer role.


The course takes 60 hours of in-class workshops and 120 hours of practice.

It is grouped in three parts:

Part I (2-3 days) – Intro, rights and obligations: Modules 1,2,3.

Part II (2-3 days) – Applying and monitoring conformity to GDPR: Modules 4,5,6.

Part III (2 days) – Risk Management and DPO-in-action: Modules 7,8.