Digital Transformation is this century’s new mantra. We are in the middle of the fourth industrial revolution. Technological breakthroughs bring the physical, biological, and digital worlds closer than ever and this transformation is unprecedented in its velocity, scope, and systemic impact. Every industry in every country is disrupted and it is pushing people and businesses to rethink systems of production, management, and governance.


  • People are in the middle of the digital transformation. Digital transformation it’s not about technology, it’s about people. People must change in order to drive digital transformation.
  • Media is talking about automatic systems that replace jobs and leave people unemployed. However, no-one talks about new jobs created by the fourth digital revolution. New work opportunities, new business opportunities requiring empathy and human interaction, something that machines will never be able to replace.
  • Employees should be the most important asset to a company. In today’s economic environment, loyalty and talent are priceless, so companies need to be able to nurture talents and to retain loyal employees. They will transform the company.
  • Together with the HR department we are identifying key roles and top talents in the company, from all departments, heroes and innovators that will drive the digital transformation of the organization.
  • Through dedicated courses and with the use of psychometric tools we will create innovating teams that will disrupt the organization.


  • Through interviews, all processes present in the company will be identified and documented.
  • With the help of the innovative team, all processes will be challenged and optimized.
  • We will identify top relevant processes for each organization, and metrics will be added for all processes and activities.
  • Only relevant and productive processes and business flows will be maintained, the organization will be stripped-down from all the irrelevant or legacy processes.
  • All the remaining and new processes will be thoroughly documented and monitored in the execution in order to quickly remove all blockers.


  • Products must benefit from the digital transformation of the organization.
  • KPIs should be added not only from a sales and marketing perspective, but especially from a usage-perspective.
  • The organizations must use their resources to identify all the ways their products are used.
  • We are helping organizations implement growth-hacking techniques to “hack” their products and audiences, documenting ways their products and services are used, feedback from customers and partners and factor-in this info into the next versions of the products and services.


  • With the increase of digitization and with the necessity to monitor and improve business excellence and execution, privacy becomes a challenge.
  • We are identifying key KPIs that might become personal data and we will make them privacy-compliant, depending on the regulation (GDPR, HIPAA, etc).
  • When implementing Machine-Learning/ AI/ Deep-Learning solutions we will make sure that these solutions process personal data on a minimum level, with highest security and respecting all regulations’ requirements.


  • Using BI and predictive analytics we are helping companies identify their top profitable opportunities and focus on maximizing these opportunities.
  • Real-time analytics can identify real-time business issues so that managers can act swiftly and mitigate the risks before they materialize.
  • We can help organizations test scenarios and new businesses using growth-hacking techniques that validate or invalidate scenarios. After that, we can help organizations scale up initiatives that were already tested.